What do we do?

The system PDR (paintless dent removal) also known in Spain as DSP. Is a system used in repairing small dents caused by hail, mainly through the use of specific tools designed for this purpose. With PDR, the metal body is virtually "massaged" from inside the panel, until the damaged area is repaired, correcting the heights and levels with great precision. No need to use paints or mastics in repair, and it helps keep the body in its original state. Using the PDR system we can repair all kinds of dents in doors, roof, hood, wings, trunk and rails. It is important to note that this system is always used if the paint has not been damaged or metal is not wrinkled.

Advantages of our service:
• Very quick repair.
• Work will be performed with in customer premises. No need to move the vehicles. Our technicians travel to any country of the European Union.
• Cheaper service than traditional repairs. Between 30% to 50% savings, because the application of materials for grinding, polishing and especially paint is not necessary.
• Repairs are carried out both, new and used vehicles.
• The application of the PDR system is a total adaptation to the customer requirements: delivery times , number of vehicles to repair, space available.

From Barcelona to any country of the European Union, quickly, efficiently and with excellent quality.

The methods and tools we use to repair with PDR system, are totally ecological and meet European standards of safety and sanitation.

For those who work?work?

Carmakers, assembly companies as well as car distributor. Companies have an important vehicle stock exposed to bad weather conditions. In some seasons, this exposure affects bonnets of vehicles parked outdoors. This situation need an intensive, fast and low cost treatment. To make this possible we count with personalized attention from our staff, which allows us to:

• Automobile factories.
• Insurance companies.
• Port terminals.
• Land, sea and rail transport logistics.
• Car rental agencies without chauffeur.
• Official dealers and car dealers.
• Home Users.

Our service

We are specialists in Hail: Andanar provides a fast response and international mobility. Fleet Management: Our technical team travels to the area where hail damaged cars meet. With careful procedure, we apply a craftsmanship to achieve optimum results in accordance with established quality controls.


• Quick acknowledgment of the work to be done.
• Elapsed Price in 24/48 hours.
• Develop a plan of action and determine the personnel who will be in charge.
• Assigning a van workshop, if necessary.
• Develop the repair schedule.


For this we offer:

• Professional management.
• Extreme quality in our repairs.
• Detailed technical reports.
• Dis / assembly.
• Pre-delivery service.
• Management in sync with the insurance company and one workshop.

  • Quality Control

    Our Quality Control Department allows us to solve any situation from our customers. Tech team is in charge of the work, from the very first process until the final auditory with the necessary knowledge and controlling parameters and quality criteria demanded by the customer.

  • Displacement

    Our work is done in the same place where the vehicles are damaged by hail. Our technicians are transferred with all necessary equipment to any country in the world. The experts working with Andanar come from the European Union - Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany - and have a strong practice in removing dents without repainting.

  • Other Services

    Repair small dents caused by transportation from factory or car dealer handling. Pre-delivery service. Dewaxing / Washing Foreign Bodies / Polish and Gloss / Interior Cleaning, Upholstery, Carpets / upholstery repair / General Restoration of the vehicle. These work can be performed at the customer premises, because we have tools and portable machines for these circumstances. The raw materials used in the processes are top quality and meet all European standards of safety and and sanitation.

Our commitment

Andanar strictly complies with current legislation. All personnel

assigned to an operational hail has:

• Liability insurance.

• General Social Security Act.

• Law on prevention of occupational hazards.

• Act on Offences and Penalties in the Social Order.

• Status of workers.

It is very important to be aware of the risks involved in subcontracting companies or freelancers who do not meet the legal requirements, especially in labor obligations.

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